Best trout Bait [2021 updated]

If you want to catch trout consistently and in large numbers, you need to buy the right type of trout bait. Whether you should select dead or live bait for trout depends on where you will be fishing for trout, what type of rod you will be using, and what trout season you will be fishing.

Before we reveal the best bait for trout fishing, let’s explore a bit about what trout eat. Knowing the fish’s diet is important as it will help you in selecting the best lure for catching them.

What Do Trout Eat?

Trout eat a wide variety of food. The fishes are opportunistic but also selective about what they eat. They eat everything that they can get their mouth into. This includes terrestrial and aquatic insects, leeches, worms, crustaceans, and other fishes. Some trout eat other trout and eggs if they get really hungry.

The actual diet of a trout depends on the habitat and the season. In the seas, some trout eat smaller fishes and crustaceans. The best sea trout bait includes crayfish and insects. Some of them eat small animals at the bottom of the water, such as snails and worms.

Fish in rivers and lakes mostly eat insects. Flies are the best bait for trout in rivers. Flying insects are also the best bait for trout in lakes. They are a trout magnet and used by experienced angler fishers when fishing in rivers and lakes.  

Tips when Selecting the Best Trout Fishing Bait

Trout are cautious and  swim away if anything looks suspicious to them. They will second guess before snapping at the trout bait. Additionally, they tend to ignore out-of-place baits when there is an ample amount of food around. To the fishes, it would not be worth the risk.

When you are fishing trout, you should consider the food source in the area. The best bait for trout is one that is similar to the one at the place you have selected to fish for trout. You will have more success if you use bait that matches the size and color of the natural food source in the area. You can either use homemade trout bait or buy commercial bait.

Consider stocking different types of good trout bait. You will find that power bait trout worms that worked in the morning will be ignored in the evening. A color that works during the dusk may no longer work later in the day. So, try using different colors, sizes, and types of lures to find out what works for you.

What Is the Best Bait For Trout?  

1.  Berkley Gulp! Earthworm Bait

gulp earthworm bait for trout fishing

Berkely Gulp! Earthworm bait is the best bait for stocked trout as well as trout living in freshwaters. The trout bait is made using the best quality material and claimed to help anglers catch more fishes. It is great for many different species but serves best as trout spinner baits.

The bait is 4-inch in sizes and available in brown color. It is claimed by the manufacturer to last longer as compared to other baits. Moreover, it is said to have 400 times more scent dispersion as compared to ordinary baits. The bait features scent dispersion allowing you to attract lots of fishes with casting the rod multiple times. 

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2. Berkley Gulp! Trout Nuggets

berkley gulp trout nuggets in a jar

Berkley Gulp! Trout Nuggets are also good bait for use in trout fishing. They are ideal for both stocked trout and freshwater trout. A great thing about the trout bait is that it has high scent dispersion. This increases the effective zone of the bait, allowing you to catch more fishes.

Gulp Trout bait is fortified with Gulp flavor bits. The bait contains natural ingredients and is claimed by the manufacturer to be more effective than the best live bait for trout in field tests. The bait is one of the most trusted among anglers with mostly positive reviews.

You can easily rig the pre-formed bait with less mess. It is available in a chartreuse color and weighs just an ounce.

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3. Berkley PowerBait FW Trout Nuggets

a bag of berkley powerbait trout nuggets

Berkley PowerBait is a popular bait for catching touts. The trout bait is available in original or cheese colors. The cheese color bait is eye-catching under the water making it easy for the fish to detect the bait.

The PowerBait contains attractive flavor and scents that attract trout. Fishes are likely to hang longer to the lure. A great thing about the lure is that scents are dispersed when a fish bits the bait. Angler fishers say that these baits work well for stocked trout in small ponds. But they are not that effective for catching trout in rivers, lakes or seas.

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4. Berkley PowerBait Glitter Trout Bait

berkley powerbait best bait for trout fishing

PowerBait Glitter Trout Bait is yet another effective bait that can be used by anglers to catch trout. The bait is great for trout fishing in any water. Whether you want to fish trout in ponds, lakes, or rivers, you will have an easier time catching fishes using the bait.

The bait contains natural scent and glitter that attracts the trout. What’s more, the bait is tasty for the trout as it smells like salmon eggs that are a tasty diet, particularly for river trout. The manufacturer claims that fishes hold to the bait 18 times longer as compared to other types of bait.

Floating trait bait disperses the scent that attracts the trout. The bait is infused with glitter that sparkles when light is reflected on them.  It is moldable and easy to use making it ideal for novice and beginners.

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5. Berkley Gulp! Trout Dough

dough for trout fishing

Berkley Gulp! Trout Dough is made of effective materials that help in catching a lot of fishes. The bait smells and tastes like garlic that is attractive for the trout. As per the manufacturer, the bait has about a 55 percent greater catch rate as compared to the competitor.

The bait has a high scent dispersion that allows you to attract more fish. The natural formulation of the bait makes it similar to a natural diet of the trout. The fishes won’t get suspicious when the natural bait is used as a lure.

The floating formula is available is a cheese color that is highly visible under the water. Anglers say that the bait performs well particularly in lakes. Many have been able to catch trout during the opening day season within matters of hours. 

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6. Pro-Cure Trout Super Gel

pro cure trout gel

Scent is a must for trout fishing. The Pro-Cure Trophy bait scent is made using real whole Tai chubs. It is particularly effective for catching brown trout and rainbow trout. The UV enhanced bait scent is packed with amino acids. It sticks easily to artificial bait.

The bait has an intense oily aroma that will be tantalizing for the trout. Big brown trout will like it as well as the big musky and fishes in northern rivers. It is easy to apply to your artificial bait.  Just remember that the product is greasy and will not come off the hands easily. You should use a fingertip to spread the scent on the lure and wipe it off using a cloth.

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7. Berkley PowerBait Power Eggs

power eggs for fishing

PowerBait Power Eggs is another effective bait made by Berkley. The bait comes in a small jar and available in a variety of colors including red, yellow, green, white, and orange. It is also available in different scents, such as eggs and garlic.

The Power eggs float in water mimicking real salmon eggs. The baits are particularly effective in catching trout in lakes. The special formula enhances the dispersion of scent when in water attract trout from wider ranges.

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8. Fishbites Saltwater Trout Bait

saltwater fishbites trout bait

TRUSCENT Fishing lures are ideal for catching freshwater and saltwater bass trout. The lure swims similar to a real fish. The artificial fish lure has 3D eyes making them look surreal. Trout will think that the lure is real fish allowing you to catch them easily.

The lure has a multi-jointed body that allows the lure to move flexibly in water. It is rigged with super sharp and rust-proof treble hooks. It is a wonderful lure for both experienced and new anglers.

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Buying the right type of bait can help create a positive trout fishing experience. The bait for trout fishing depends on the place and the time when you are trout fishing. With the right bait, you will have an easier time catching fishes.

The best time to use lures for catching the fish is when the sun starts to set. The next best time is late in the afternoon. The fishes are mostly hungry during these times of the day. This is the time when they will be most active feeding on the water.  You should set the lure, cast your rod, and wait patiently for the catch. Protection Status