Give a man your rod, and he enjoys for a day; suggest him a Shimano trout reel, and he owes you for life. An efficient reel to fishing is as crucial as spring to blooming flowers. It is not entirely a rod that determines your fishing experience. The reel attached to that rod also plays a role. Let’s talk about the best Shimano trout reels.

Well, Shimano realizes the importance of a spinning reel. It is famous for manufacturing cycling components and fishing equipment. The Hagane concept for rigidity, Micro Module Gear system for smoothness, and X-ship technology for longevity are a few to name those superior engineering advancements Shimano has put forth.

Trout fishing is a staple in North America, Australia, and many parts of the world. Trout is a smart fish. They hardly take a second to swallow your lure and to pull off. Meanwhile, you have to hook it real quick. And for this, you must have full control of your reel.

Lately, Shimano has dominated the fishing market. If you visit any nearby tackle shop or fishing spot, almost 80 percent of reels would have ‘Shimano’ imprinted on them. It is because Shimano has produced spinning reels for a variety of fishing. Today, we are going to review the 5 best Shimano spinning reels for trout anglers. So what is the best Shimano reel for trout fishing? Let’s take a look at 5 Shimano trout reels to compare.

1. Shimano Vanford

Shimano trout reels vanford review
  • Ultralight Ci4+ body
  • High-end technological features
  • MGL Rotor
  • Long-lasting reel
  • Available in 5 sizes

Shimano Vanford is the successor of the iconic Stradic Ci4+ spinning reel. Ci4+ has been the uncrowned king of Shimano ultralight reel, and now Vanford has taken over the reins.

It features Silent Drive technology to reduce overall reel vibration. It helps you land more trout. Vanford has a Ci4+ body that is built with lightweight graphite and carbon fiber to avoid corrosion.

Shimano upgrades the cranking system with an MGL rotor to provide smoother and faster retrieves. Much like its Stella and Twin power models, this Shimano trout spinning reel also incorporates Hagane Gear, X-ship technology, and MicroModule II for improved gear durability.

The spool on Vanford is a true masterpiece. Aero Wrap II and the latest propulsion spool lip design with a longer stroke increase the casting distance. Plus, the promising waterproof construction allows saltwater fishing with zero fear of equipment failure. Shimano has gone an extra mile with the Vanford series. Unfortunately, cross-carbon drag only exists in heavier sizes, but the felt drag washer will also do just fine.

We recommend buying the Vanford 2500HGF with a 6/200 line capacity for trout fishing.

2. Shimano Sedona FI

Shimano Sedona review
  • G-Free Body
  • Best Oscillation system
  • High gear ratio
  • Available at a fair price
  • Range of sizes

Mostly, trout anglers have to break a bank for a high-quality reel. Otherwise, they end up with crap. However, Shimano has put an end to this dilemma by launching the Sedona FI spinning reel.

It is an improved version of Sedona FE. Shimano has installed many great features such as Hagane gear for durability, MGL rotor for effortless retrieves, and Propulsion line management for enhanced casting distance.

While acknowledging the commitment of trout anglers, this Shimano trout spinning reel comes with a G-Free body. It shifts the center of mass closer to the rod so that you can fish all day without getting tired.

When these advanced features pair with Sedona’s traditional oscillatory mechanism, you get the best trout spinning reel at your hand. The double anodized cut spool with a Varispeed oscillation system delivers docile casting performance.

Overall, this Shimano trout spinning reel competes with the top-notch models. Only if it had an anti-reverse switch, no angler would ever look on other reels. It covers a wide range of sizes: From 500 to 8000;

we recommend buying SE2500HGFI.

3. Shimano Exsence

shimano exsence review
  • Specialized reel for trout fishing
  • Rigid body
  • Water-repellent coating
  • Adjustable drag
  • T-bar handle

Shimano develops Exsence spinning reels to hunt small species of fish. There are only two models available: C3000 MHG and 4000MXG. The latter is 1.5 oz heavier but recovers 4 inches more line per crank than the former model.

In contrast to Stradic or Stella series, Exsence is not versatile. It gives Shimano a chance to pack high-end features in a lightweight reel to win the hearts of trout anglers.

Its body resembles Vanford: Ci4+ material, Hagane gear, X-Protect waterproof system, MGL rotor, Propulsion line management, and MicroModule II. Where it differentiates is the dragging system. Instead of casting distance, this Shimano trout spinning reel solely focuses on the drag efficiency. It features Rapid Fire drag for quick adjustment and rigid support to eliminate spool fluctuation under high load. Due to these two remarkable features, Exsence becomes the best choice for trout anglers.

We wish Shimano increases the size range of this underestimated weapon of finesse fishing. To conclude, Exsence is a better choice than Vanford, but it limits you to trout fishing only.

We recommend the following model: EXS4000MXG

4. Shimano Stradic Fk

  • Latest of Stradic line-up
  • Super Stopper II
  • Aluminum frame
  • Six AR-B bearings
  • Ultralight gear for freshwater fishing

Shimano has used Hagane gear and body in freshwater spinning reel for the first time. Although it incorporates Core Protect and X-Ship technology, we would not advise its frequent use in saltwater.

Stradic FK is the lightest Stradic to date. Shimano has intelligently positioned the worm gear, and now it gives a comfy grip. It just weighs from 6.9 to 11.3 oz. Shimano launched Stradic FK with seven models but soon discontinued above-5000 variants.

Stradic FK has an enhanced hook setting. It includes an upgraded Super stopper, Fluidrive, Power roller, and Dyna balance. With 6+1 ball bearings, this Shimano trout spinning reel is a miracle, and you can’t go wrong with it. Get your hands on 1000FL. It is compact and fits in the 2500 size reel with extended line capacity and rigid support drag.

Stradic FK is a multifaceted reel. You can use this Shimano trout spinning reel to target freshwater trout, walleye, or bass and sea trout sporadically.

Recommended model: 1000FL

5.  Shimano NASCI

  • First-rate durability
  • Extremely Functional reel
  • X-ship Technology
  • Thick bail wire
  • 10-year warranty

A trout angler needs the best equipment to catch some fish. However, not all people can afford Shimano Vanford or Stradic reel. It is where NASCI lends a helping hand. It offers top-of-the-line features at only a $100 price.

Shimano has applied Core Protect water resistance to make it work great in salty water and damp weather. Besides, X-ship fetches more power to the rotor, making it efficient and stable. You have to put the braided line on spool yourself, but it picks up the line quickly thanks to its thick bail wire.

NASCI has a powerful drag and smooth cranking system usually not found in mid-priced spinning reels. You can use this Shimano trout spinning reel in freshwater and, occasionally, in saltwater as well.

NASCI has one roller bearing to minimize rotor deflection when you are fighting a stubborn fish.

Buy NASCI compact 500FB with 10/200 line capacity. You will never miss a trout – that’s guaranteed!

The best Shimano trout reels – in short!

Shimano offers the best spinning reels. However, finding one for you is a daunting task. But no need to worry because we have covered up everything for you!

  • Shimano Vanford and Stradic FK are the best reels overall. Vanford is a better choice for saltwater fishing.
  • If you are pretty sure that trout is your only pursuit, nothing can beat the performance of Exsence.
  • If you don’t have $500 to spare and still want to attain optimum performance, Sedona FI and Nasci compact deserve a look.

We’ve also written another article about the other reel brands if you’re interested. You can check it out here! Protection Status